Aluance is in London this week, where we’re looking forward to joining some of Europe’s leading insurtech front runners.

InsurTech Rising Europe 2018 kicks off Monday at London’s Tobacco Dock and runs through September 12th. Europe’s leading insurtech event draws insurance executives and startups from across the continent and around the world.

More than 100 speakers will talk about the future of insurance technology, and the conference promises an impressive line-up of keynotes and feature panels. We’ve been digging into the agenda, and below are some of the items that have piqued our interest.

Blockchain in Insurance: Hope or Hype?

Blockchain remains one of the more contentious topics in insurtech, with some seeing the technology as overhyped and others believing it is a future standard in the insurance space. Several speakers will discuss their experiences.

  • Christopher McDaniel, President of RiskBlock Alliance will share a case study on distributed ledger technology called Blockchain: Evolution to ecosystem. The consortium brings together a number of major insurance players in an effort to advance the application of blockchain throughout the industry.
  • Julie Wang will present CarBlock’s case study. Especially with GDPR rules taking effect recently, it will be interesting to hear how this startup’s blockchain technology is putting customer information back in the customer’s possession.
  • Risto Rossar will present Black Insurance’s case study. This startup is disrupting the insurance value chain by cutting out the middle man, harnessing blockchain technology to create transparency and trust.

How Machine Learning will Transform Insurance

Machine learning promises to help insurers dig deeper, harnessing big data to improve everything from customer experience to risk analysis to claims fraud prevention.

  • Richard Hartley, CEO of Cytora, already harvests a wide range of data across the internet to calculate insurance risk and point to new insurance opportunities. He will participate in a panel discussing machine learning in underwriting.
  • Omer Mahmood, a Customer Engineer at Google Cloud, is addressing machine learning in his keynote speech. Google helped the AXA insurance company predict which auto insurance customers are more likely to have high-cost claims, and we’re eager to hear more.
  • Huma Lodhi, Principal Data Scientist at Direct Line, will speak about using deep learning for claims settlement and reducing fraud.
  • Abraham Gilbert will talk about using AI for behavioural policy pricing. As Head of Machine Learning at Brainpool, he has access to some of the brightest minds in the space.

The Future of Insurance

We are especially looking forward to the InsurTech Futures panel featuring editors of The InsurTech Book. Sabine VanderLinden, Shan Millie, Susanne Chishti, and Nicole Anderson brought together a diverse group of insurtech experts (literally writing the book on insurtech!), covering wide range of topics. We are interested in hearing their thoughts on the how the insurtech landscape has changed since the book’s publication, and their views on the future.

By the way, if you have not had a chance to read the book yet, we recommend it.

Meet with Aluance

InsurTech Rising uses the Brella app to match conference attendees who have similar interests. We have already been getting matches and can’t wait to meet up with fellow attendees.

Our founder and Chief Digital Strategist, Ayaz Somani, will be making the rounds at the networking events. He would love to hear what you are working on, and if you want to learn about working with Aluance, Ayaz will be happy to discuss that too.

See you in London!